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Ark of the Covenant

on August 12, 2012

During Yom Kippur, the priest would go to an area where there were two goats. One goat would have the sins of the people place on it and the other would be sacrificed. The priest would sprinkle the blood of the sacrificed goat on the mercy seat (the lid of the ark of the covenant). The other goat would have a red string tied around it’s horn and released outside of town. This goat became known as the “scapegoat”

A scapegoat is somebody who is made to take the blame for others.  Jesus took our blame for our sins.




* Pattern

* White cardstock

* Gold crayon

* 2 wooden skewers – cut 7 inches in length

* hot glue

* tape

* scissors

* white school glue

* gold glitter glue or gold fabric paint

* small piece of red string.

Print pattern and color pieces (except ten commandments and goats) with gold crayon. Cut out pieces on the bold black lines. DO NOT CUT ON THE BROKEN LINES – fold on the broken lines.

Ark – Glue the four side tabs inside the front and back of ark – use a small piece of tape on the inside also to hold in place until the glue dries.

Cut two wooden skewer in eight inch lengths. Hot glue them to the side of the ark, using the picture as a guide. Embellish with gold glitter glue or gold fabric paint. Allow to dry before setting the lid in place.

Lid of Ark – Fold the four sides of the lid.

Glue the tabs of the cherubim to the tope of the lid. Embellish with gold glitter glue or gold fabric paint. Allow to dry before setting the lid on top of the ark.

Ten Commandments – Color the tablets and place them in the ark after it is dry.

Goats – Color the horns black, leave the goats white. Tie a small piece of string around the horns of one of the goats -he is the “scapegoat.”

Note: The pattern can be enlarged if you desire a larger ark of the covenant. Just remember to enlarge all pieces the same percentage. You will also need to cut the wooden skewer a little longer.



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