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Christmas Tree Necklace

on December 18, 2012

necklace christmmas tree (4)    Christmas Tree Necklace

necklace christmas tree (1)   necklace christmas tree (2)   necklace christmas tree (3)


1 yellow melting bead (Y)

19 blue melting beads (B)

6 tan or brown melting  bead (T)

79 green melting beads (G)


Small piece of wax paper

1  square reusable melting bead form

28 inches of elastic cord

Arrange the beads on the form according to the pattern.

Place the center of the cord between the top plastic bead (Y) and the second row of plastic beads.

Place wax paper over beads.

Iron the beads until they begin to melt and stick together. Allow to cool, then remove the wax paper and gently pull the tree off the plastic form. Turn over, place the wax paper on the back and iron. Allow to cool then remove the wax paper.

Tie the two ends of the cord for necklace.




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