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Saint Patrick’s Day – One Christian’s Perspective

on January 28, 2013

st patricks day Saint Patrick’s Day – One Christian’s Perspective   

Maewyn Succat was born in 387, at Kilpatrick, in Scotland. He was captured when he was 16 years old and was made a slave in Ireland. Soon after his capture Maewyn had a vision from God.  During his time as a slave his relationship with God grew and became stronger.

When he was 22 years old he had another vision from God giving him a plan for his return home. In the vision he saw a boat ready to take him back to Scotland. He escaped and found the boat.

After his return home, Maewyn realized, through another vision from God, that God was calling him back to Ireland to spread the Gospel. He sought a Christian education and training. Around 430 He was ordained a bishop, after which he returned to Ireland. There he preached the Gospel and established Christianity.

Maewyn is most often recognized for comparing the Trinity to a shamrock. Illustrating that the shamrock has three parts, and yet is one; in a similar way, the Trinity has three persons, and is still one – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

The name St. Patrick was given to Maewyn much later in life by Pope Celestine. St. Patrick died in Downpatrick, Ireland on March 17, 461.

St. Patrick’s Day started out as a Catholic holy day, celebrated on March 17, in Ireland. Over time it has evolved into more of a secular holiday. The St. Patrick’s Day custom came to America in 1737 where it was first publicly celebrated in Boston.

As Christians, St. Patrick’s Day is a good day for us to reflect on God and His great love for us.


God loved us so much that He sent Jesus to us.

Jesus loved us so much that He sent the Holy Spirit to us.


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