Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

February 18 – Review and Reflections

on February 16, 2013

FEB 18February 18  – Review and Reflections

Today’s Bible Reading 

Leviticus 6:1-7:27

Mark 3:7-30

Psalm 37:1-11

Proverbs 10:3-4

Review and Reflections

1. Read Leviticus 6:1-7. If a person sinned and committed a trespass against the Lord by ____________ to his neighbor, he was to give a trespass offering to the Lord.

Lie means:

* To deliberately say something _____________ – to say something that is not true in a conscious effort to deceive somebody.

* To be deceptive –  to give a false ______________________.

2. Read Leviticus 6:8-13. The verses describe some rules / regulations for  ______________ offerings.

How long was a burnt offering to be on the altar?

What were the priests to do with the ashes from a burnt offering?

The fire on the attar should not go _______.

3. Read Leviticus 6:14-23. These verses describe the _____________ offering.
The portion of the grain offering that was for the ____________ was to be eaten in the holy place.

4. Read Leviticus 6:24-30. These verses describe the ___________ offering.
Everyone who touched the flesh of a sin offering had to be ___________.

5. Read Leviticus 7:1-10. Who was allowed to have the trespass offering?


Who was allowed to have the skin burnt offering?

Who was allowed to have grain offerings that were baked in the oven and all that is prepared in the covered pan, or in a pan?


Who was allowed to have the grain offerings, whether mixed with oil or dry?

6. Read Leviticus 7:11-21. These verses describe the _____________________ offering.

7. Read Leviticus 7:22-27. God forbids the eating of fat and _______________.

8. Read Mark 3:7-30. When the people from all the surrounding areas heard how many things Jesus was doing, they came to Him. Because of the large crowds, Jesus instructed His disciples to keep a small __________ should be kept ready for Him.

People with afflictions wanted  to __________ Jesus inn order to be healed.

Whenever the unclean spirits saw Jesus they fell down before Him and cried out, saying, “You are the Son of God.” What did Jesus tell them?

Jesus appointed twelve men, that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to ___________, and to have power to __________ sicknesses and to ________ out demons.

Who were these twelve men?


All sins will be forgiven except ________________________ against the Holy Spirit .

What is blaspheme?

9. Read Proverbs 10:3-4. The Lord will not allow the ______________ soul to famish. (starve).

What does, “He who has a slack hand becomes poor, But the hand of the diligent makes rich” mean to you?

Dear Father,

I place my trust in You, for Your faithfulness supplies me with everything I need. You are my delight and my joy comes from You, and You alone. As I commit my ways to You, I do not have to fret or worry. I will rest in You, and wait patiently. By the power of the Holy Spirit, may the desires of my heart be the same as Yours. May I delight myself in your abundant peace.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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