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Capture The Flag

on June 29, 2015

7-1-2015 3;56;50 PMThe group is divided into two teams. Each team has its own territory with a boundary designated between the two. Each team must also designate a spot to serve as a jail (such as a tree). Decide on the size of the designated safety zone around the flag, and where to place each team’s flag. Once placed, the flags cannot be moved, although they can be guarded. Those guarding their own flag may not enter the safety zone around the flag unless in pursuit of an opposing team member.

Once the flag is placed, team members are assigned to guard their own flag or to enter enemy territory to try to capture the other team’s flag. Any player in enemy territory can be caught (by tagging them) and put in jail. Prisoners can be released by being tagged by a teammate, but only one prisoner can be rescued at a time.

A team wins the game by capturing the other team’s flag and bearing it back to their home territory. If a flag is seized but is recaptured before reaching the opponents’ territory, the flag is set up where it was recaptured. If a game must be ended before a flag is captured, the team with the most prisoners wins.


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