Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

July 4- Review and Reflections

July 4- Review and Reflections

Today’s Bible Reading

2 Kings 23:31-25:30

Acts 22:17-23:10

Proverbs 18:13


Review and Reflections

1. Read 2 Kings 23:31-24:17. How old was JehoAhaz when he became king?


What did Pharaoh Necho do to JehoAhaz?


Pharaoh Necho made Eliakim the son of Josiah king in place of his father Josiah, and changed his name to Jehoiakim. How old was he when he became king?


Pharaoh Necho imposed on the land a tribute of one hundred talents of silver and a talent of gold. In order to pay it, Jehoiakim exacted the silver and gold from the _____________ of the land, from every one according to his assessment.

The Lord sent raiding bands of Chaldeans, bands of Syrians, bands of Moabites, and bands of the people of Ammon to do what and why?


Jehoiachin was ___________  years old when he became king.

Jehoiachin king of Judah, his mother, his servants, his princes, and his officers were taken prisoners by the king of _____________________.

The king of Babylon made Mattaniah, Jehoiachin’s uncle, king and changed his name to _________________.



2. Read 2 Kings 24:18-20.  Zedekiah was ___________ years old when he became king.



3. Read 2 Kings 25:1-26. The Chaldeans pursued Zedekiah and they overtook him in the plains of Jericho. What did they do to him and his sons?


King Nebuchadnezzar sent Nebuzaradan, the captain of the guard to _______________________.



*  _____________  the house of the Lord and the king’s house, and all the houses of the great.

* broke down the ____________ of Jerusalem.

* carried away captive the rest of the ______________ who remained in the city and the defectors who had deserted to the king of Babylon.

* left some of the poor of the land as vinedressers and __________________.
*  broke all the bronze items that were in the house of the Lord and carried the broken pieces of bronze to _______________.
* took all the things of solid ___________ and solid silver away.



4. Read 2 Kings 27-30. After thirty-seven years in captivity of Jehoiachin king of Judah was released by that Evil-Merodach king of Babylon. How was his life different after that?



5. Read Acts 22:17-21.While in a trance, the Lord told Paul that He was sending him to the _________________.



6. Read Acts 22:22-29. The people listening to Paul…

* raised their voices and said, “Away with such a fellow from the earth, for he is not fit to ____________!“
* cried out and tore off their ___________ and threw dust into the air.


What did Paul ask the commander?



7. Read Acts 22:30-23:10. Paul said to Ananias, “God will strike you, you whitewashed wall!“ What did he mean by the statement?


The Sadducees did not believe in the  _______________________________ of the dead.

The commander, fearing Paul might be pulled to pieces by them, commanded the soldiers to go down and take him by _________________ from among them, and bring him into the barracks.



8. Read Proverbs 18:13. Why is it important to hear all the facts concerning an issue?

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July 3 – Review and Reflections

July 3 – Review and Reflections

Today’s Bible Reading

2 Kings 22:3-23:30

Acts  21:37-22:16

Proverbs 18:11-12


Review and Reflections

1. Read 2 Kings 22:3-20. King Josiah sent Shaphan the scribe to the house of the Lord. Why?


Hilkiah told Shaphan that he had found the _____________ of the__________ in the house of the Lord.

Shaphan showed the king the Book of the Law and _____________ it to him.

When the king heard the words of the Book of the Law, what did he do?


The king commanded Hilkiah the priest, Ahikam the son of Shaphan, Achbor the son of Michaiah, Shaphan the scribe, and Asaiah a servant of the king, to do what?


Who dod Hilkiah the priest, Ahikam, Achbor, Shaphan, and Asaiah go see?



2 Read 2 Kings 23:1-30. “The king went up to the house of the Lord with all the men of Judah, and with him all the inhabitants of Jerusalem—the priests and the prophets and all the people, both small and great. And he read in their hearing all the words of the Book of the Covenant which had been found in the house of the Lord.” What do these verses say concerning who needs to hear the Word of God?


Josiah made a covenant to follow the Lord and to keep His commandments. Josiah…

* ordered all the ________________ made for Baal, for Asherahto be removed and burnt.

* removed the idolatrous priests whom the ______________ of _______________ had ordained to burn incense on the high places.

* removed the idolatrous priests and those who burned incense to Baal, to the sun, to the ___________, to the constellations, and to all the host of heaven.

* brought out the wooden image from the house of the ____________  and burned it.

* tore down the ritual booths of the _________________  persons that were in the house of the Lord.
* defiled the high places where the priests had burned ___________________.

* broke down the ____________ places at the gates.
* defiled Topheth, that no man might make his son or his daughter pass through the fire to _________________.

* removed the horses that the kings of Judah had dedicated to the ____________, at the entrance to the house of the Lord.

* _________________ the chariots of the sun.
*  broke down the altars that were on the roof, the upper chamber of Ahaz and the altars which ___________________ had made in the two courts of the house of the Lord.

* defiled the high places that ________________ had built for Ashtoreth, Chemosh and Milcom.

* took away all the _________________ of the high places that were in the cities of Samaria.
* put away those who consulted _____________________  and spiritists, the household gods and idols, all the abominations that were seen in the land of Judah and in Jerusalem.



3. Read Acts  21:37-22:16. Paul was brought up at the feet of ________________ and taught according to the strictness of the Law.

Paul was zealous toward God. What does zealous mean?


In the past Paul had persecuted the Way to the death, binding and delivering into prisons both men and women. Why the change in his life?


What happened to Paul on the road to Damascus?


Like Paul, when we encounter Jesus, the Lord, should there be a change in us?


How has your life changed after encountering Jesus Christ?



4. Read Proverbs 18:11-12. What does haughty mean?


What does humility mean?

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July 2 – Review and Reflections

July 2 – Review and Reflections

Today’s Bible Reading

2 Kings 20:1-22:2

Acts 21:17-36

Psalm 150:1-6

Proverbs 18:9-10


Review and Reflections

1. Read 2 Kings 20:1-11. Isaiah the prophet, went to Hezekiah  and said, “Thus says the Lord: ‘Set your _____________ in order, for you shall die, and not live.’”

How did Hezekiah respond to Isaiah’s message from the Lord?



2. Read 2 Kings 20:12-21.Why did Berodach-Baladan the son the king of Babylon, really want?


After the death of Hezekiah, who reigned in his place?



3. Read 2 Kings 21:1-18. Manasseh was twelve years old when he became king, how long did he reign?


Manasseh did evil in the sight of the Lord. He rebuilt the ___________  _______________  which Hezekiah his father had destroyed; he raised up ____________ for Baal, and made a wooden image, as Ahab king of Israel had done.


Manasseh also…

* built ___________ in the house of the Lord.

* built altars for all the host of heaven in the two courts of the house of the ________________.

* made his _________ pass through the fire.

* practiced soothsaying, used __________________, and consulted spiritists and mediums.

* set a carved image of _______________ in the house of which the Lord.

* shed very much innocent _____________.

Manasseh did much evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke Him to ____________.

Manasseh acted more wickedly than all the Amorites who were before him. What was the punishment?



4. Read 2 Kings 21:19-26. Amon was twenty-two years old when he became king, and he reigned __________ years.

Amon did evil in the sight of the Lord, as his father Manasseh had done. He forsook the Lord God of his fathers, and did not __________ in the way of the Lord.

Who killed Amon?



Who was king after Amon?



5. Read 2 Kings 22:1-2. Josiah was ___________years old when he became king.

Josiah reigned _____________ years in Jerusalem.

Josiah did what was _____________  in the sight of the Lord, and walked in all the ways of his father David.



6. Read Acts 21:17-26. Paul told in detail those things which God had done among the _______________ through his ministry.



7. Read Acts 22:27-36.Why was Paul arrested?



8. Read Proverbs 18:9-10.The name of the Lord is a _____________  ________________.

The _____________________  run to the Lord and are safe.




Dear Father,

We will praise You for all Your mighty acts. You are great and mighty. By the power of the Holy Spirit, help us to praise You with everything within us. Let everything that has breath praise You, O Lord.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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July 1- Review and Reflections

July 1- Review and Reflections

Today’s Bible Reading

2 Kings 18:13-19:37

Acts 21:1-16

Psalm 149:1-9

Proverbs 18:8


Review and Reflections

1. Read 2 Kings 18:13-16. What did Sennacherib king of Assyria want from King Hezekiah?


How did King Hezekiah get the payment?



2. Read 2 Kings18:17-37. Why did Eliakim, Shebna, and Joah want Rabshakeh to speak to them in Aramaic?


Rabshakeh stood and called out with a loud voice in Hebrew..

* Do not let Hezekiah ___________________ you, for he shall not be able to deliver you.”

*  thus says the king of Assyria, ‘Make _____________ with me by a present and come out to me.

* Do not listen to Hezekiah, lest he persuade you, saying, “The Lord will _________________ us.”

* Who among all the gods of the lands have delivered their countries, that the ______________ should deliver Jerusalem?



The  people held their _______________  and did not respond to Rabshakeh.

Who told Hezekiah the words of Rabshakeh?



3. Read 2 Kings 19:1-13. What did Hezekiah do when he heard the words of Rabshakeh?


Hezekiah sent Eliakim, Shebna, and the elders of the priests, covered with sackcloth, to _______________ the prophet.

What was Isaiah’s response to the servants of King Hezekiah?



4. Read 2 Kings 19:14-19. When Hezekiah received the letter from the hand of the messengers, and read it; he went up to the house of the Lord, and spread it before the Lord. What can we learn from this passage concerning our problems and trials?

Dear Father,

You are God, You alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth. You have made heaven and earth. Incline Your ear, O Lord, and hear. Open Your eyes, O Lord, and see, and hear the words of my enemies. Save me from the hand of my enemies and may all know that You are God, and You hold all power in Your hand.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

5. Read 2 Kings 19:20-37. God told Hezekiah through Isaiah …

* that He knew their _____________________  place, their going out and their coming in.

* that there would be a remnant out of _______________________.

* that He would defend the city, to save it for His own sake and for ________________ sake.



6. Read Acts 21:1-16 Why didn’t the disciples in Tyre not want Paul to go to Jerusalem?


When Paul and all that accompanied him were ready to leave Tyre, they knelt down on the shore and _______________.

Who was Agabus?


What did he do and what was the meaning behind it?


Why did the people plead with Paul not to go to Jerusalem?



7. Read Proverbs 18:8. Why do people so easily accept a lie?



Dear Father,

We will rejoice in You our Lord and our Maker. We will joyfully praise You. Thank-you for the salvation that You give us. By the power of the Holy Spirit may we walk humbly before You and always have a praise in our mouths.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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June 30- Review and Reflections

June 30- Review and Reflections

Today’s Bible Reading

2 Kings 17:1-18:12

Acts 20:1-38

Psalm 148:1-14

Proverbs 18:6-7


Review and Reflections

1. Read 2 Kings 17:1-6. Hoshea the son of Elah became king of Israel in Samaria, and he reigned _______ years.

The king of Assyria went throughout all the land, and went up to Samaria and besieged it for ___________ years.

What happened in the ninth year of Hoshea?



2. Read 2 Kings 17:7-23. The children of Israel sinned against the Lord their God by…

* fearing other ___________.

* walking in the _________________ of the nations whom the Lord had cast out from before them.

* secretly doing things against the Lord that were not _______________.

* building __________ places in all their cities.

* setting up sacred pillars and _____________  ____________ on every high hill and under every green tree.
* by burning ______________ on all the high places.

* by doing wicked things to ________________ Him to anger.

* by ________________ idols.


Even though one of the priests, whom they had carried away from Samaria taught them how they should fear the Lord,  every nation continued to make gods of its own. How do people today make gods of their own?



3. Read 2 Kings 17:24-41.  The people did not fear the Lord, nor did they follow His commandments. They served their own gods. How do people do the same thing today?



4. Read 2 Kings 18:1-12. Hezekiah began king when he was twenty-five years old. How long did he reign?


He did what was right in the sight of the Lord. He…

*  removed the high places and ______________ the sacred pillars.

*  cut down the __________________ images.

*  broke in pieces the ___________________   __________________that Moses had made because the children of Israel burned incense to it.

Hezekiah trusted in the Lord God of Israel. He held fast to the Lord and did not ______________ from following Him.



5. Read Acts 20:1-6. Paul called the disciples to himself, embraced them, and departed to go to ___________________.



6. Read Acts 20:7-12. A young man fell asleep as he sat in a third story window listening to Paul. What happened to him?


What miracle did God perform through Paul concerning the young man?



7. Read Acts 20:13-38. Paul wanted to be in Jerusalem on the ________  of  ____________________ if possible.

Paul served the Lord with all humility. What does humility mean?

Paul knew what lay ahead of him because of the ______________  _______________    had testified to it in every city, saying that chains and tribulations await him.

The things that were ahead of Paul did not move him – he  wanted to finish his ______________ with joy.

Paul told the elders …

* that savage ________________ would come in among them, not sparing the flock.
* men will rise up, speaking __________________ things, to draw away the disciples after themselves.
* to remember that Jesus said, “It is more blessed to ______________ than to receive.”



8. Read Proverbs 18:6-7. Why must we be careful about what we say?



Dear Father,

We will praise You, O Lord, for You are the creator of all things. We will exalt You and lift up Your name forever. Thank-you that we can enter into Your presence. By the power of the Holy Spirit, help us to desire for more of Your glory.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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June 29- Review and Reflections

June 29- Review and Reflections

Today’s Bible Reading

2 Kings 15:1-16:20

Acts 19:13-41

Psalm 147:1-20

Proverbs 18:4-5


Review and Reflections

1. Read 2 Kings 15:1- 7.    Azariah …

* became king of Judah when he was ___________ years old.

* reigned ___________ years in Jerusalem.

* did what was __________ in the sight of the Lord, according to all that his father Amaziah had done.

* did not ________________ the high places.

* was struck with _______________by the Lord.



2. Read 2 Kings 15:8-12. Zechariah …

*  reigned over Israel in Samaria ____________ months.
*  did ___________ in the sight of the Lord, as his fathers had done.

* was killed by Shallum in front of the ___________________.



3. Read 2 Kings 15:13-16. Shallum…

*  became king of Judah and he reigned a full ________________ in Samaria.
* was killed by _______________________.



4. Read 2 Kings 15:17-22. Menahem …

* became king over Israel, and reigned _________ years in Samaria.

*  did _________ in the sight of the Lord.

* gave Pul a thousand talents of _____________, that his hand might be with him to strengthen the kingdom under his control.



5. Read 2 Kings 15:23-26. Pekahiah …

* became king over Israel in Samaria, and reigned ________ years.
* did __________ in the sight of the Lord.

* was killed by ______________.



6. Read 2 Kings 15:27-31.Pekah…

*  became king over Israel in Samaria, and reigned ___________ years.
*  did ___________ in the sight of the Lord.

* was killed by____________.




*  the son of ___________, king of Judah, began to reign.

* was __________ years old when he became king.

*  reigned _________ years in Jerusalem.

*  did what was right in the sight of the Lord, however he ____________ to remove the high places.



7. Read 2 Kings 16:1-20. Ahaz…

*  the son of _________________, king of Judah, began to reign.
* was _________ years old when he became king.

* reigned __________ years in Jerusalem.

* made his son pass through the ______, according to the abominations of the nations whom the Lord had cast out from before the children of Israel.
*  sacrificed and burned incense on the high places, on the hills, and under every __________  _____________.



8. Read Acts 19:13-22. What happened when the seven sons of Sceva took it upon themselves to call the name of the Lord Jesus over those who had evil spirits?


The man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, overpowered them, and prevailed against them. Why?


Many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. What does this verse say concerning ungodly things you may have in your home?


9. Read Acts 19:23-41. Why were the craftsmen against Paul?



10. Proverbs 18:4-5. How is wisdom like a flowing brook?



Dear Father,

Thank-you for all that You do for us. You build up and gather the outcasts unto Yourself. It is You who heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. You know everything about each one of us, you even know the number of stars and You call them by name. Great are You, O Lord, and mighty in power. Your understanding is infinite. You take pleasure in those who fear You, so by the power of the Holy Spirit may we grow in the fear of the Lord. May we place all our hope in You. You lift up the humble and You are full of mercy. All strength and blessing come from You. Help us to remember Your blessings, especially when going through hard times. We thank-you and will sing praises to You, O Lord.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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June 27- Review and Reflections

June 27- Review and Reflections

Today’s Bible Reading

2 Kings 10:32-12:21

Acts 18:1-22

Psalm 145:1-21

Proverbs 18:1


Review and Reflections

1. 2 Kings 10:32-36.  Jehu reigned over Israel in Samaria was ________ years.

Who took Jehu’s place as king?



2. Read 2 Kings 11:1-21.Who hid Joash?


Why was Joash and his nurse hid?


Joash was hidden in the ________________ of the ______________ for six years, while Athaliah reigned over the land.

What happened to Athaliah after Joash was anointed king?


The people of the land …

*  went to the temple of ____________, and tore it down.

*  broke in pieces Baal’s altars and ____________.

*  killed Mattan, the ____________ of Baal, before the altars.


Joash was ___________ years old when he became king.



3. Read 2 Kings 12:1-21. How long did Joash reign as king?


Joash did what was right in the sight of the Lord all the days in which Jehoiada the priest instructed him. However, the ______________   ______________  were not taken away.

Why did Joash send all the sacred things that his fathers had dedicated, and his own sacred things, and all the gold found in the treasuries of the house of the Lord and in the king’s house to Hazael king of Syria?


Joash’s ________________ arose and formed a conspiracy, and killed Him in the house of the Millo.



4. Read Acts 18:1-17. Who did Paul meet and work with in Corinth?


What was their occupation?


Crispus, the _____________ of the synagogue, believed on the Lord with all his household.

Many of the Corinthians, hearing, believed and were ____________________.

Why did the Jews with one accord rose up against Paul and take him to the judgment seat?



5. Read Acts 18:18-22. Why did Paul have his hair cut off?



6. Read Proverbs 18:1. Why is it dangerous to isolate yourself?



Dear Father,

I will extol You, my God, O King. I will bless Your name forever and ever. Every day I will bless You, and I will praise Your name forever and ever. Great are You, O Lord, and greatly to be praised. Your greatness is unsearchable. I will declare Your mighty acts and meditate on the glorious splendor of Your majesty. I will declare Your greatness and I shall sing of Your righteousness. You are gracious and full of compassion, slow to anger and great in mercy. Your tender mercies are over all His works and they shall praise You. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and Your dominion endures throughout all generations. Thank-you for upholding me when I fall and for giving me food in due season. By the power of the Holy Spirit, help me to call upon You in truth and to remember that You are always near. Cause me to love, respect and reverence You with my whole being.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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June 26- Review and Reflections

June 26- Review and Reflections

Today’s Bible Reading

2 Kings 9:14-10:31

Acts 17:1-34

Psalm 144:1-15

Proverbs 17:27-28



Review and Reflections

1. Read 2 Kings 9:14-29.Jehu drew his _____________ with full strength and shot Jehoram between his arms and the arrow came out at his heart, and he sank down in his chariot.

Jehu pursued Ahaziah and said, “Shoot him also in the ______________.” And they shot him at the Ascent of Gur, which is by Ibleam. Then he fled to Megiddo, and died there.



2. Read 2 Kings 9:30-37. What did Jezebel do when she heard that Jehu had come to Jezreel?


Jehu looked up at the window, and said, “Who is on my ______________? Who?”


Who threw Jezebel down?


3. Read 2 Kings 10:1-17. Ahab had seventy sons in Samaria. What did Jehu do to them?


Jehu killed all who remained of the house of Ahab in Jezreel, and all his great men and his close ____________________  and his priests, until he left him none remaining.



4. Read 2 Kings 10:18-31.Why did Jehu say, “Ahab served Baal a little, Jehu will serve him much.”?


Jehu took no heed to walk in the __________ of the Lord God of Israel.



5. Read Acts 17:1-9. How many Sabbaths did Paul go to the synagogue of the Jews to reason with them from the Scriptures?


Why did the rulers of the city take security from Jason?



6. Read Acts 17:10-15. The brethren sent Paul and Silas away by night to _______________.

Many people in Thessalonica received the word with all readiness, and searched the ___________________ daily.

When the Jews from Thessalonica learned that the word of God was preached by Paul at Berea, they came there also and ______________ up the crowds.

The brethren sent ____________  away, but both Silas and Timothy remained there.



7. Read Acts 17:16-34.Paul’s spirit was provoked within him when he saw that ______________ was given over to idols.

Paul stood in the midst of the Areopagus and said, “Men of Athens, I perceive that in all things you are very religious, for as I was passing through and considering the objects of your worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: TO THE _________________________   ________________.

God commands all men everywhere to ___________________.

God has appointed a day on which He will __________ the world in righteousness.



8. Read Proverbs 17:27-28. A man of understanding is of a calm _________________.

A person is counted wise when he holds his ________________.



Dear Father,

You are my Lord, my Rock and my fortress. You shower me with lovingkindness. You are my high tower, my shield and my deliverer. It’s in You I take refuge. Even though You are the creator of the entire universe, You are mindful of me. Thank-you for rescuing me and delivering me from the hand of my enemy. I will sing a new song to You, O Lord, my God. By the power of the Holy Spirit, help me to keep my eyes on You, the one who supplies all my needs. In You there is no lack.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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June 25- Review and Reflections

June 25- Review and Reflections

Today’s Bible Reading

2 Kings 8:1-9:13

Acts 16:16-40

Psalm 143:1-12

Proverbs 17:26



Review and Reflections

1. Read 2 Kings 8:1-6. What did Elisha tell the woman whose son he had restored to life?


Where did the woman and her household go?


How long were they there?


At the end of seven years, the woman returned from the land of the Philistines; and she went to make an appeal to the ___________ for her house and for her land.

The king appointed a certain officer for her, saying, “________________  all that was hers, and all the proceeds of the field from the day that she left the land until now.”



2. Read 2 Kings 8:7-15. Why was Elisha weeping?


Why did Hazael kill the king?



3. Read 2 Kings 8:16-24. The Lord would not destroy Judah, for the sake of His servant _________________.



4. Read 2 Kings 8:25-29. Ahaziah was ______________ years old when he became king.

Ahaziah walked in the way of the house of Ahab, and did _____________ in the sight of the Lord.



5. Read 2 Kings 9:1-13. Elisha the prophet called one of the sons of the prophets, and said to him, “Get yourself ready, take this flask of oil in your hand, and go to Ramoth Gilead. What was he to do there?


Jehu was instructed to strike down the house of _________________.



6. Read Acts 16:16-40. Why were the masters of the servant girl in a rage?


Paul and Silas and dragged were beaten with rods and then thrown into _________________.

What happened at midnight as Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God.

What kept the keeper of the prison from killing himself?


What did the keeper of the prison ask Paul and Silas?



7. Read Proverbs 17:26. To punish the _________________________ is not good.



Dear Father,

Thank-you for hearing my prayer and giving ear to my supplications. You are faithful to answer me. You give me light when the enemy surrounds me with darkness. Deliver me, O Lord, from my enemies. In You I take shelter. My soul longs for You like a thirsty land. Thank-you that You do not hide Your face from me. By the power of the Holy Spirit, help me to meditate on Your Words when the enemy tries to persecute my soul or tries to crush my life. May I always turn to You first when I am overwhelmed. Cause me to meditate on all Your works and to muse on the work of Your hands. Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God. Lead me in the land of uprightness. Revive me, O Lord, for Your name’s sake! For Your righteousness’ sake bring my soul out of trouble.

In Jesus‘ name, Amen.

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June 24- Review and Reflections

June 24- Review and Reflections

Today’s Bible Reading

2 Kings 6:1-7:20

Acts 15:36-16:15

Psalm 142:1-7

Proverbs 17:24-25



Review and Reflections

1. Read 2 Kings 6:1-7. Why did the sons of the prophets want to go to the Jordan?


What happened when they were cutting down trees?


What miracle did Elisha perform concerning the ax head?



2. Read 2 Kings 6:8-23.Elisha said, “Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” How is this passage a comfort to you?


Elisha prayed to the Lord, and said, “Strike this people, I pray, with _______________.” And God struck them with blindness according to the word of Elisha.



3. Read 2 Kings 6:24-7:2. A donkey’s head was sold for ___________ shekels of silver.

One-fourth of a kab of dove _________________ for five shekels of silver.

When the king heard the words of the woman, he tore his clothes and wore sackcloth. Why?


Elisha said, “__________________  about this time a seah of fine flour shall be sold for a shekel, and two seahs of barley for a shekel, at the gate of Samaria.”



4. Read 2 Kings 7:3:20.  There were four leprous men setting at the entrance of the gate. What did they do?


What did the leprous men find at the Syrian camp?


Why did the leprous men go back to the city gate?


The people went out and ___________________________ the tents of the Syrians.

What happened to the officer had that had said, “Now look, if the Lord would make windows in heaven, could such a thing be?” ?



5. Acts 15:36-41. What was Paul and  Barnabas‘s disagreement about?


What happened as a result of this disagreement?


Barnabas took Mark and sailed to ________________.

Paul chose _____________ and departed, being commended by the brethren to the grace of God.



6. Read Acts 16:1-5. Why did Paul want Timothy circumcised ?


7. Read 16:6-10. Paul and Timothy were forbidden by the ___________   ____________to preach the word in Asia.

How did Paul and Timothy know they were to go to Macedonia?



8. Read Acts 16:11-15. What did Lydia do for a living?



9. Read Proverbs 17:24-25. Wisdom is in the sight of him who has _______________________.

The eyes of a ____________ are on the ends of the earth.

A foolish son is a ____________ to his father.

A foolish son is __________________ to her who bore him.



Dear Father,

Thank-you for allowing me to cry out to the You with my voice and make my supplication. You do not turn away when
I pour out my complaint and my trouble. When I am overwhelmed, You knew my path for me. You are my refuge and my portion. Thank-you for delivering me from my persecutors and for deal bountifully with me. By the power of the Holy Spirit help me to walk in Your ways and the path that You have for me.

In Jesus‘ name, Amen.

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