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August 16- Review and Reflections

August 16- Review and Reflections

Today’s Bible Reading

Nehemiah 11:1-12:26

1 Corinthians 10:14-11:2

Proverbs 21:14-16


Review and Reflections

1. Read Nehemiah 11:1-36. How did they decide who would live in Jerusalem?


How many sons of Perez dwelt at Jerusalem?


How many Levites dwelt at Jerusalem?


How many gatekeepers dwelt at Jerusalem?


Who  was the overseer of the Levites at Jerusalem?


The sons of Asaph were the ___________________ in charge of the service of the house of God.



2. Read Nehemiah 12:1-26. These verse tell who were the ______________ and the _________________  who came up with Zerubbabel.



3. Read 1 Corinthians 10:14-22.  What is idolatry?


How do people  provoke the Lord to jealousy?



4. Read 1 Corinthians 10:23-11:2. What does helpful mean?


When trying to decide what is okay for you to do (lawful), you should ask yourself, “Will this draw me closer to God?”  List examples of things that some believers participate in and other believers don’t.



5. Read Proverbs 21:14-16. What is the end result of workers of iniquity?


Why is it important not to wanders from the way of understanding?


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