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Cardboard Oven

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cardboard box

tape, glue or a stapler

heavy duty aluminum foil

shallow aluminum or steel dish or bowl

sharp knife or box cutter (to cut cardboard)

scissors (to cut aluminum foil)

duct tape (optional)

coat hangers (use to make wire rack) or use an old rack from a small discarded conventional oven.






The finished product will have a door wide enough to accommodate a 9″ pie pan on a rack made of metal rods, and long enough to insert a dish full of hot coals into the bottom a sufficient distance below the rack of metal rods.

Determine which side of the box you will cut the door.

Cut the door into one of the box sides. You can cut the door almost the entire width of the box so it will “hinge” near a corner of the box and will “latch” on about 1-3 inches of the remaining box side. The length of the door should leave about 4 inches from the top and bottom of the box.

Fasten aluminum foil to the entire INSIDE of the box, applying through the door opening you have cut. Do not leave ANY cardboard exposed on the inside of the box.



Use boltcutters to cut coathangers.

Once you have cut the rods, punch them through from one side of the box to the other side of the box. Be sure all the rods are level with the bottom of the box.

Use pliers to bend the protruding edges down.



Heat source:

This is done by using a shallow steel or aluminum pan, dish or bowl, sitting on pan supports. The pan supports can be a rolled up balls of foil, rocks, or small empty cans.

Light the briquettes in a metal pie pan. When they have all turned to white take insert the dish of white coals into the bottom of the oven (squarely on the pan supports) – it will be HOT, be sure to use pot holders or an oven mitt.

One briquette equals 45 degrees of oven heat. Example: for 450 degrees you need 10 full briquettes.



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John 6:47-48 NKJV

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